Iniala Beach House

10 world class designers - Campana Brothers, Jaime Hayon, Joseph Walsh, A-cero Architects, Eggarat Wongcharit - among others, were given carte blanche to create different spaces, with the brief that each room must be “out of the ordinary”. The rooms had to be practical and comfortable yet fire the imagination of the luxury traveller who has seen everything before.



Humberto Campana visited Thailand to be immersed in the rich art and craft culture of this amazing country. After a visit to Wat Arun in Bangkok and the celadon manufacturers in Chang Mai, he created a concept for the courtyard, which is the centre of the contemporary Thai house and the heart of the Beach House.



Joseph Walsh has created an extraordinary space and has curated some of his finest work into this sublime showcase of
 his craftsmanship.

The centerpiece is the wonderful
bedroom area, a beautiful tapestry provides the backdrop to the spectacular bed; an amazingly fluid sculpture and a highly collectable piece, there’s a waitlist of 18 months.  The room is divided by an exquisite ‘Enignum’ wall and the lounge area is perfect for relaxing. If you must check on your work whilst at the Beach House, this suite has a beautiful office area with an amazing Walsh desk and chair.



As you enter the Penthouse, created by Graham Lamb, you immediately feel the floor melt away under your feet,
the floor itself is a piece of furniture and
was created to feel like you are walking on sand. The bedroom has a wonderful suspended bed in white leather and an open plan shower and bathing area. An additional bathroom and walk in wardrobe complete this amazing space. Outside a large private deck has lounging areas and a private swimming pool.



The Matryoshka or stacking doll is a well- known Russian icon. Philosophy of Design have taken this form and created a whimsical accent to the design of this suite. The large round bed takes the doll outline as the headboard, as does the outdoor bath and the chair. A splash of colour has been added by Indonesian pop artist artist Hahan.



The Andaman Suites; Eggarat’s inspiration for these suites is nature and Thai culture, the beds and sofas are reminiscent of temple stupa as well as silkworm cocoons. The ornate bamboo detail, by artist Korakot, add to the fluid organic nature of these rooms. 

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