Aziamendi100 by Iniala Studio + Edra

The 100 Days Pop up restaurant brings Aziamendi Restaurant to the Maltese Audience, together with some of the masterpieces of Furniture Editor Edra, that helped to give life to this amazing Palazzo in the heart of Valletta.



The gastronomic experience was located at the Civil Service Sports Club in Archbishop Street, Valletta. It boasts fine food cooked by a three-Michelin-star

chef where oysters and champagne and gastronomic lunches and dinners are the order of the day. Using local talent is a huge part of our commitment

with the community. This, of course, means that restaurants such as the Malta Aziamendi branch have a very authentic local feel to them. The tables, for example,

are covered in old letters, photos and documents that were salvaged from an old building that Iniala Studio team is currently doing up. The rest of the furniture

is from Edra, a luxury furniture brand from Italy whose furniture pieces are so beautiful they are pieces of art themselves.



Maltese artists also perform regularly at the restaurant’s wonderful rooftop area which overlooks St George square and works by Maltese artists such as the

ephemeral experimental photography of Ritty Tacsum, Elisa Von Brockdorff’s bold, brightly coloured and slightly eccentric photos as well as the wonderful

and wacky installations of bent telephone boxes and a toilet/luzzu by artist Emmanuel Bonnici.


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